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Welcome to PaperRocket Accounting,

Award winning accountants for UK contractors and freelancers

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Award Winning

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Our monthly accounting packages cover everything that a freelancer or contractor needs at a cost that suits you. With three different monthly accounting package available for limited companies, you can opt for the bronze package which is perfect for someone new to contracting, or one of our more comprehensive packages that helps contractors and freelancers who have more on their plate, more than one director, or additional employees.  We also offer a sole trader fixed fee flexible package which you can tailor to your business needs.


Our limited company and sole trader packages are based on a fixed monthly fee, so you know what you’re going to be paying and what you’re going to be getting out of it, making it an easy choice for you to make. Find out more about our accountancy packages, or give us a call for free on 0800 024 8760.


What do we do?

Monthly Accounting Packages for limited companies and sole traders

You may have heard that it’s much more lucrative as a freelancer or contractor to set yourself up as a limited company, and this is certainly true. However, the process of doing so can be a complicated one, with legal responsibilities and hoops to jump through. That’s why PaperRocket helps contractors and freelancers with their limited company formations, handling the whole process from start to finish to create your own limited company...


Our limited company formation service is ideal for contractors and freelancers who are ready to take the step into a larger, more lucrative business model but are having trouble figuring out the process, or simply don’t have the time. This service also comes free if you’re using our Silver or Gold and monthly accounting packages.


Find out more about limited company formations, or call us now for free on 0800 024 8760.

Insurance is easy to overlook, especially if you’re new to freelancing, but it’s important to take a moment to seriously consider which cover will suit your business needs bests. Freelancing is a high risk business endeavour so insurance is often the only way to make sure that your livelihood is safe in case of an error being made or an accident. Anything from a potentially harmful accident to a mistake that affects the quality of your service could have a large effect on your income, which is why PaperRocket recommend business insurances to freelancers and contractors.


We work closely with Qdos Contractor, freelance insurance experts, to help find the insurance you need to protect your livelihood and your income in your chosen field.


Find out more about IR35 and business insurance, or call us now for free on 0800 024 8760.


Finding a mortgage as a contractor is far harder than for those in an employed role, or at least it is when you go through the traditional routes. Approaching most banks and high street lenders will result in so many declined mortgage applications it will seem like there’s no way to find what you’re looking for. Luckily, there are specialist options for people in your scenario, and PaperRocket work with one such specialist: Freelancer Financials.


Freelancer Financials can help you find an appropriate mortgage based on your contractor status, without treating you as financially unstable or low-paid the way that many other mortgage lenders might. They understand that your financial situation is unique and incomparable to a traditional salary model, and offer you a good mortgage you can afford, rather than the significantly lower alternatives that traditional lenders will offer. If you need to take out a mortgage and just can’t find the right deal, then we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.


Find out more about contractor mortgages, or call us now for free on 0800 024 8760.

Unlike some other accountants that only offer services in one specific area of the country, PaperRocket are different.  If you are a contractor or freelancers working anywhere in the UK then we can help you!


Find out how our experience and expertise, alongside your skills, can help you succeed as a contractor or freelancer in some of the UK's major contracting hotspots such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham , Liverpool, and Bristol.

PaperRocket help contractors and freelancers all over the UK

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