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Welcome to PaperRocket Accounting,

Award winning accountants for UK contractors and freelancers

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Award Winning

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Contractor & Freelance Accounting Services in London

Freelancing in London is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there are so many opportunities in the British capital that it’s almost impossible to ignore. London is the perfect place for freelancers and contractors in almost any industry to make contacts and make money, and there’s plenty to go around. On the other hand, London is the most expensive city to live in the UK, and with freelancing already being a financially unstable prospect at times, it’s important to make the most of every penny you get.


PaperRocket Accounting are specialists in helping both new and long term freelancers and contractors to get the most out of their business, ensuring you can afford to do business in London and make the most of the opportunities available to you in one of the world’s largest and richest cities.


Make More Money - Setting Up a Limited Company

One of the best ways to make the most of your earnings is to set yourself up as a limited company. The more you make from contracts and jobs, the more money you could be saving on taxes and other benefits that you miss out on as a sole trader. In a city as competitive as London.


Transforming your business into a limited company is a complex process, and one which puts off a lot of contractors like yourself. PaperRocket have a lot of experience in helping sole traders and small businesses set themselves up as limited companies and will walk you through all the necessary steps, handling much of the complicated bits so you don’t have to.


Talk to us about setting up a limited company in London by calling us for free on 0800 024 8760, or visit our limited company formation page.



Protect Yourself - Insurance Packages

It’s easy to make mistakes. They happen all the time. When you make a mistake in a professional capacity, however, it can end up costing a lot of money, either in lost business or other forms. In a city with as much business going on as London, mistakes are likely to be even less forgiving. This is why we work with contractor and freelancer insurance experts, Qdos Contractor, to offer contractors and freelancers in London great insurance advice to help protect your business from some of the most common problems it faces, and ensure that you don’t end up losing out too much from a minor mishap.


Talk to us about insurance for contractors in London by calling us for free on 0800 024 8760 or visit our IR35 and business insurance page.

All-in-One - Monthly Accounting Packages

Setting up a limited company, handling insurance, managing tax, and so on - there’s a lot of paperwork and actual work involved in handling your finances. There comes a point where it can feel like you’re spending more time managing your money than actually doing the job you set out to do. This is where PaperRocket Accounting are here to help. We want you to be able to focus on the job you love, while we handle the hard work of accountancy so you don’t have to. Our monthly fixed fee accounting packages come with insurances for your business, and our Silver and Gold and options will help upgrade your business to a limited company at no extra cost.


Talk to us about our monthly accounting packages for freelancers in London by calling us for free on 0800 024 8760, or visit our monthly accounting packages page.


Make London Your Home - Contractor Mortgages

If finances seem difficult as a contractor, getting a mortgage is even harder. Most banks and high street lenders don’t see the difference in the way that contractors work compared to a salaried job, and this makes it extremely difficult to get a favourable mortgage deal. Luckily, there are specialist companies who understand your situation, and PaperRocket work closely with one of these companies: Freelancer Financials.


If you want to set up a home in London and you’re looking to get a mortgage, contact us for free on 0800 024 8760, or visit our contractor mortgages page for more information.