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Welcome to PaperRocket Accounting,

Award winning accountants for UK contractors and freelancers

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Award Winning

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Accounting for

Freelance Software Engineers

We know that the life of a freelance professional leads to confusing accounts which can be daunting to take on yourself. For contract software engineers, this is especially true as a given year might include three longer-term stints working for a major company and many more short bursts of consultancy, even some lasting only a day or so.


Balancing your books at all can be difficult when things are this unpredictable, and calculating your tax requirements and keeping the right amount set aside is more of a challenge.


And, of course, the hours you spend dealing with this are high-cost hours given the rates your services go for…


Specialist Services

Freelance software engineers’ careers are built on the fact that complex tasks require specialists. As a software engineer you’ll know as well as anyone that to get a complex job done well and fast needs an expert – and that’s where we come in.


PaperRocket Accounting specialises in accounts for contract and freelance professionals. We know how to keep books in order no matter how eccentric the flow of payments, and we can do it without taking up your valuable time.


What We Offer

We provide three tiers of support for our clients, according to our needs and our budget. You need an accountant who can help you build toward success – and that’s our goal. Your personal accountant will guide you through what you need to know and keep you up to date on your situation.