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Welcome to PaperRocket Accounting,

Award winning accountants for UK contractors and freelancers

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Award Winning

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Accountancy for

Freelance Copywriters

We know that when it comes to working as a freelance copywriter things need to be flexible. So when it comes to talking to your accountant, someone who works 9-to-5 with a regular income, it might seem daunting to explain that things for you aren’t that simple.


For a freelance copywriter, each month brings in a different set of payments and expenses depending on the contracts that you’re working on. As such your books might be hectic one month and quiet the next. It’s the sort of thing that can boggle an accountant, but it won’t boggle us.

When Tax becomes Taxing

When it comes to being a freelance copywriter, everything varies. Not just the copy that you’re writing, but the workload you’ll have on any month, the amount you’ll be earning – and as such, the tax that you’ll need to pay. As such it might be difficult to keep tabs on what your tax should be.


The last thing you want come the end of the financial year is to find that you’ve underestimated what needs to be set aside for such things and find yourself short. The bad news is that a typical accountant might overlook something due to being used to clients with more predictable incomings and outgoings.


The good news is that we’re not your typical accountants.

Accountancy you can count on

We know that freelance copywriters need to take more into consideration when it comes to accountancy. That’s where PaperRocket Accounting comes in. We deal with a variety of contract professionals on a case-by-case basis, and we’re always aware to take your circumstances on board.


When it comes to accountancy for your freelance copywriter business, you’ll struggle to find anyone else with quite the same level of training, experience and understanding of your needs as a contractor.

What we offer

We provide three tiers of support for our clients according to their needs and budget. We can also help you make the switch if you’re dissatisfied with an accountancy practice that doesn’t understand your needs, and we offer support for clients looking to incorporate as a limited company.


Whatever your goals, you need an accountant who can support you as you build toward them, and we’re standing by to help you on your road to success.